Quality Policy

Quality Policy is mandatory for all the ELEKTRO-LUMEN, s. r. o., employees. We are aware the Quality Policy is a basic document of Quality Management. The Quality Policy is based on the company mission and values, and we consider it as means of leading company ELEKTRO-LUMEN, s. r. o., to improve its performance.

The basic condition for achieving the objectives of Quality Policy is the adherence to the quality of work at all levels and in all activities affecting the quality of products. Every ELEKTRO-LUMEN, s. r. o., employee has the responsibility for compliance with this condition with the scope of their job duties. Our motto is to manufacture products and provide high-quality services which meet the demands and expectations of our customers with the exact fulfillment of delivery schedules and mutually advantageous price. We always look for new opportunities for improvement and flexibly incorporate them into our products and that’s why we increase their value.

The company ELEKTRO-LUMEN, s. r. o., as a part of its production management strategy and quality products, emphasizes:



We are and we will always be a company focusing on our customers’ needs. The most important condition for the permanent success of our business is the satisfaction and loyalty of our existing and potential customers. We increase the awareness about the level of quality and possibilities for using of our products for potential customers. We consistently supply our services and products with the quality which meets or exceeds the requirements, expectations and wishes of customers and partners, and are listed in purchase contracts with ensuring of complete business services. We bring years of manufacturing experience to the quality of products. We concentrate on the characteristics of the products, their technical and aesthetic values for ensuring their sales at present time and in the future. In this context, we install new advanced technologies and maintain a range of products and that’s why the company’s abilities always flexibly meet the customers’ requirements.

We provide all available measures to effectively reduce the complaints of customers and meet their legitimate expectations. We consistently monitor and evaluate full customer satisfaction. We always try to solve everything quickly to full customer satisfaction at not too frequent complaints. We also place emphasis on maintaining open communication and long-term co-operation with all stakeholders (customers, employees and suppliers).



The company management undertakes to plan, implement and develop the quality by regular evaluation of achievements, all activities and processes on the basis of data collection and analysis, and supports and motivates other employees to improve the quality of products. It also initiates changes in our activities, processes and relationships with stakeholders in order to fulfill a long-term vision and strategies of the company based on careful consideration of all available information and experiences.

We apply procedural approach, individual processes and constantly improve and increase their efficiency in the quality management.

Every employee knows his responsibility and position in the integrated management system.



Quality and responsible work of each employee is the guarantee of company success. Every employee contributes to achieving the company’s strategic goals. We use the knowledge, abilities and the skills of employees for managing processes and performing work activities.

We support an open communication, sharing the knowledge and we constantly develop our personal and professional creative potential, and we motivate each other. We are proud of our work and we actively seek the highest possible level of customers’ satisfaction.

We create optimal conditions for increasing knowledge and professional skills of our employees, improving working and social conditions, developing motivational approaches and we evaluate exemplary security tasks. Employees are evaluated according to the benefits to the strategic company, quality goals and the quality policy, and for their performance, personal approach and contribution. Each manager is responsible for his sector and quality improvement. He increases the quality in his section but also in the whole company.



We respect the interests of owners, suppliers and our partners. We build long-term relationships based on mutual trust, openness, respect and solidarity. We co-operate only with quality suppliers who are rated as the best.

All our suppliers are able to deliver according to our exact needs, specifications and legislative requirements.



We commit to periodically verify functionality of the integrated quality management system. It is the key to permanent prosperity, competitiveness and increase the value of the company. We monitor all outputs from processes (both in terms of quality and environmental protection) to ensure the quality inputs in the follow up processes.

The goal is to maintain a high quality of products and services, which our customers and partners can always rely on anytime and anywhere.



The main objective of environmental protection is compliance with legislative requirements, minimization of possible accidents and their impacts on the environment by ensuring effective prevention and quick and correct response to the potential accidents. We actively implement and form the concept of social responsibility and business ethics in order to improve the quality of life of individuals, local communities and society as a whole. We endeavor to minimize any negative impacts on the environment and maximum protection of natural resources in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development.



We undertake to constantly improve the efficiency of the established system of our integrated management. Changes in organization and management are directed to the improving of the quality of work performed and the company’s environmental profile. We understood the improving of the environmental quality and care as a constant and systematic process.



Ing. Zdenek Kral, CEO


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