Complaint Report

Liability for defects, Complaints, Warranty

6.1 Goods are manufactured in accordance with relevant technical standards and Seller hereby draws attention to the fact that the goods must be stored and used in accordance with the recommended technological and manufacturing process.

6.2 The Buyer is obliged to inspect the goods immediately after takeover (transport to the destination, unless the contract provides the dispatch of goods to the Seller). If the Buyer does not inspect the goods in this period he can claim defects detectable by inspection, but only if he proves that the goods had defects at the time of the obligation of the Seller to deliver the goods, respectively, when the Seller enables the Buyer the accepting of the goods in accordance with the agreement.

6.3 The Buyer is obliged to report to the Seller the defects of goods (claim) without undue delay after the defects are discovered or after the professional care should detect defects during the inspection, which is required to carry out under Art 6.2, or after the defects could be detected with due diligence, but not later than 15 days after the fulfillment of the obligations of the Seller to deliver the goods.

6.4 Before applying the complaint, the Buyer must check the goods thoroughly whether the defect is caused by a bad luminaire connection.

6.5 For claiming the title of defective goods the following conditions apply: a complaint arising from liability for defects applies the Buyer in writing descriptions of the defects, if necessary, he might add photos as well. The complaint must be accompanied by the complaint report and the invoice copies.

6.6 The Seller has the right for a personal inspection of the claimed goods before the claim examination, so the Buyer is obliged to store the defective products separately until settlement of the complaint is done.

6.7 If it is proven defective goods to be justified, the Seller performs its option, free of charge, to repair defective goods or to deliver substitute goods.

6.8 Work on removing the claimed defects the Seller must conclude them as soon as possible, within 15 days after receiving the complaint, and no later than 30 days after demonstrably received the complaint.

6.9 If the Buyer requests a verification of the quality of defective goods by an independent expert he pays all the associated costs.

6.10 The Buyer must not eliminate defects in the goods themselves or through third parties without the written consent of the Seller. In this case, the goods lose its warranty, and costs incurred in connection with the removal of defective goods will not be paid.

6.11 The Buyer must deliver to the Seller the defective goods mechanically undamaged.

6.12 The Buyer after agreement with the Seller, the Seller will deliver the agreed quantity of goods in the case of claiming a higher number of defective goods.

6.13 The Buyer is responsible for all costs including the removal of claiming goods and their transport to the Seller’s headquarters, unless the Seller agrees otherwise in writing.

6.14 Buyer acknowledges that a complaint does not suspend the payment of the purchase price in full and within the prescribed due date.

6.15 In the case of unjustified claim the Seller will demand reimbursement of all costs associated with this complaint (the Seller has the exclusive right to judge the complaint justification).

6.16 The Seller provides a guarantee of 24 months to the Buyer on the goods from the date of their receipt. The delivered goods excluding the batteries in the emergency sources.

6.17 The Seller provides a guarantee of 6 months on the batteries for emergency sources from the date of their receipt.

6.18 The warranty does not cover defects, which after the takeover:

a) Were caused by the Buyer or another (third) person by mechanical or other damage, or damage due to natural disasters.

b) Were created by misusing or using in conjunction with other devices that the Seller or manufacturer does not allow or not recommend.

c) Were created as a result of:

1) arbitrary adjustments,

2) obvious unprofessional interventions,

3) bad treatment of goods in breach of the installation instructions,

4) improper storage or improper choice of goods in connection with potential environmental effects (external influences while taking effects on goods).

d) Furthermore, defects caused by improper (unprofessional) electrical connection, by surge in the network or by electrostatic discharge, by using of other components than the recommended by the Seller or manufacturer etc.

6.19 In the case of after warranty repairs the Buyer must be informed in advance about the cost of repairs.

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